Rivian improves R1T and R1S range with Software Version 2023.02.03

Rivian is one of the few automakers that extensively use over-the-air (OTA) software updates to improve and enhance the capabilities of its electric vehicles. The automaker has pushed out an update that lets the vehicles drive further than ever, making it more competitive in the electric car market. Join us as we look into this new update. 

Tesla introduced the concept of over an air software updates with its vehicles and it was a game changer. It changed the way EVs function. Electric vehicles with well-built systems are now considered to be computers on wheels, not cars that have computers in them and that makes them fundamentally different from traditional vehicles. Before we look at this incredible update, it’s worthy of note that Rivian has niched down on a few categories of features it regularly updates to make its vehicles feel new again.

Some of the features that have been added to Rivian vehicles via OTA updates include

Voice Commands.  Rivian added voice commands to its vehicles via an OTA update, allowing drivers to control various features of the car hands-free. With voice commands, drivers can adjust the climate control, open or close the trunk, and control the navigation system without taking their hands off the wheel.

Improved Range and Efficiency: Rivian has released several OTA updates that have improved the range and efficiency of its vehicles and its latest update brings the biggest improvement yet in this aspect. These updates optimize the battery management system, improve regenerative braking, and increase the maximum state of charge of the batteries. As a result, some Rivian owners have reported that their vehicles can now travel farther on a single charge.

Navigation Improvements: Rivian has made several updates to its navigation system via OTA updates. These updates have improved the accuracy of the maps, added new points of interest, and made it easier to find charging stations.

Charging Improvements: Rivian has released several updates that improve the charging experience for its customers. These updates have increased the speed of charging, added new charging networks to the navigation system, and made it easier to track charging progress.

Adaptive Suspension: In one OTA update, Rivian added an adaptive suspension system to its vehicles, which can adjust the ride height and damping in response to changing road conditions. This feature allows the vehicles to handle rough terrain with more ease and comfort.

Gaming System: Rivian added a gaming system to its vehicles via an OTA update, allowing drivers and passengers to play games on the center screen. The gaming system includes popular titles like “Asphalt 9: Legends” and “Hill Climb Racing 2.”

Overall, Rivian has added several features to its vehicles via OTA updates, improving the performance, convenience, and entertainment value of its electric vehicles.

These Rivian’s OTA updates eliminate the need for customers to take their vehicles to a dealership for software upgrades. Instead, customers receive the updates over the air, directly to their vehicles, which saves them time and hassle.

The updates also enhance the functionality of these vehicles, adding new features and capabilities that weren’t available at the time of purchase. These updates can improve the vehicle’s performance, range, and charging speed, as well as add new features like voice commands, improved navigation, and more.

OTA updates can also improve vehicle safety by fixing issues that could potentially cause accidents. For example, if a safety-related software issue is discovered, Rivian can send an OTA update to fix the problem, ensuring that all vehicles are up to date and safe to drive.

Rivian uses OTA updates to maintain the security of its vehicles and protect them from cyberattacks. The company can quickly send updates to fix security vulnerabilities and patch any software holes that could put the vehicle’s system at risk.

OTA updates are also an effective way for Rivian to maintain accessibility for people with disabilities. By updating the vehicle’s software, the company can improve accessibility features like voice control and screen reader functionality, making the driving experience more inclusive for all.

What is this big update rivian pushed out? 

The Rivian R1S and R1T now have improved real-world ranges thanks to this recent software update version 2023.02.03. The update increases depth of discharge of the battery on both electric trucks, giving it more usable battery capacity. 

Although Rivian did not disclose what amount of its 135 kWh battery is now usable, previously the figure was 128.9 kWh. And with regard to how much range has risen, owners on Twitter are posting their findings. After the software update, one R1T owner reported a 14-mile increase in range at 85% – meaning a 16.4-mile rise overall. Others reported similar figures.

Owners on the r/Rivian subreddit indicated increases in their range as well, with the three drive modes offering 347 miles on Conserve, 315 on All-Purpose, and 311 on Sport following the installation of 2023.02.03.

In addition to the range improvements, Rivian rolled out a key fob update that improves connection reliability and latency for faster locking and unlocking. A new Door Ajar notification also is included, which will alert owners on their phones through the app if a door isn’t locked due to it not being fully shut.

Additional improvements included reduced steering effort to maintain straight-ahead driving on crowned roads, software containment for frunk latch sensors, which could reduce overnight range loss, range estimation fixes in Tow Mode, and other media improvements.

Rivian currently only offers one battery pack – the aforementioned 135 kWh unit. A more affordable 105 kWh battery will be available in a few month’s time and is currently displayed on Rivian’s website, as is a 180 kWh “Max Pack” capable of over 400 miles per charge.

Equipping the Max Pack will cost R1S and R1T buyers an extra $8,000 over the 135 kWh Large Pack that’s currently available. Meanwhile, opting for the Standard Pack will save you $8,000 however it will also result in the quad-motor system being swapped out for a less powerful dual-motor setup.

Rivian produced 24,337 electric trucks last year, of which 20,332 were delivered to customers. The firm aims to rapidly scale up in 2023, with a production target of roughly 60,000 units.  

Have you experienced a range increase after the update on your R1 vehicle, let us know in the comment section below.

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