Rivian To Use New Suspension Setup Designed For Supercars

Rivian succeeded in beating many automakers looking to produce an electric truck with its R1T electric adventure pickup truck in the United States. Did you know that some 14.5 million passenger cars have sold in the US last year? Guess how many of them were trucks? 11 million, so it’s clear that trucks dominate the auto market. 

In fact, they’re by far the best-selling vehicles in America. That’s why leading truck makers as well as a new entrance are rushing to switch to electric. Most of these electric trucks are said to be highly capable with an ever-expanding range of options to suit all budgets and tastes. 

Today about 15 companies had plans to release an electric pickup in 2021 or by the very near term. 

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Rivians vehicles have been excellent, with great handling performance suspension, and whatever you can name. The company is however improving the technology in its vehicles to make it stay competitive in this ever-changing industry. 

The latest in Rivian’s announced upgrades is a new suspension for the R1S and R1T

Rivian is set to equip a new suspension setup on its R1S and R1T trucks. The updated suspension will be provided by Tenneco, Rivian’s current supplier. It will feature Tenneco’s CVSA2 Kinetic H2 semi-active suspension technology, which is designed for improved ride performance.

What is Tenneco’s CVSA2 Kinetic H2 semi-active suspension technology and how is it different from rivians current suspension technology?

Tenneco Inc, is a global supplier of Ride Performance and Clean Air products and systems. announced its CVSA2 semi-active suspension technology in June of 2018. Its the cornerstone of its Monroe Intelligent Suspension portfolio and was originally developed for the sports car market which has been adapted for use in SUV and off-road applications with several new performance-enhancing upgrade options. 

The CVSA2 suspension system for SUVs is scalable to Tenneco’s new Kinetic® H2 roll-control and Kinetic X2 pitch-control technologies, designed to greatly improve SUV on- and off-road performance and comfort by reducing the impact of cornering, accelerating, and braking on vehicle roll and pitch motions. In addition. the system is also equipped with four-corner hydraulic lifting solutions with independent hydraulic spring seats for variable height and level control, delivering benefits such as improved ground clearance during off-road driving, easier ingress for passengers, load change compensation, and reduced frontal height and aerodynamic drag during on-highway driving.

Benefits of this suspension system include:

scalability and a highly flexible tuning range

superior handling, stability, and on-road comfort for drivers. improved corner stability, reduced head-toss, and increased comfort. 

And gives the best possible balance between performance and driving comfort for SUVs

During off-road use, the system manages wheel load distribution and allows for increased wheel travel, improving terrain handling, vehicle stability, and traction. It also further enhances SUV performance by adding pitch control for improved driving comfort, reduced braking distance, and better stability during acceleration.

The new system was developed in partnership with several automakers and will be used on supercars as well as off-roaders. For reference, Tenneco has been McLaren’s main suspension supplier for over a decade. 

The CVSA2/Kinetic® H2 suspension technology has no traditional sway bars and is therefore lighter than most other setups. Its decoupled single-wheel disturbances result in better traction and handling. 

R1T and R1S models also will be equipped with Tenneco’s Clevite Elastomers front and rear suspension bushings, top mounts, and other parts, that would contribute to the vehicles’ smooth, quiet, comfortable ride dynamics. Clevite Elastomers products are engineered to provide premium, best-in-class performance in a full range of vehicle platforms and operating environments. By dramatically reducing noise, vibration, and harshness., provide clearly differentiated ride quality and cabin comfort.

Rivian has confirmed the new suspension is unrelated to a recent recall for all 13,000 vehicles it has produced so far. The recall was due to a potentially untightened fastener which could in turn affect the steering control and suspension system.

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