The R1T pickup truck’s Camp Kitchen modules are no longer being produced by Rivian

The Camp Kitchen and the Gear Tunnel accessory were redesigned by the EV startup.Customers who had ordered Camp Kitchen modules in advance were contacted by Rivian. According to Rivian’s emails on the matter, it tested the Camp Kitchen and made the decision to tweak a few aspects of its design before making it available to customers. Additionally, the Gear Tunnel Shuttle is being redesigned.In order to avoid additional fees, Rivian informed Camp Kitchen clients that it will delete the modules from their R1T ordering. Customers will receive Camp Kitchen updates from the business. When the mobile kitchen is once again for sale, Rivian also plans to let customers know.The business formally unveiled its Gear Shop in November 2021, which featured a Camp Kitchen x Snow Peak Package. The Camp Kitchen, Rivian’s Gear Tunnel Shuttle, and the Snow Peak Kitchen set were the three accessories that were included in the set.A total of 1,440 watts are used by the first two modules of the Camp Kitchen. It has a 4-gallon water tank, a 2-burner induction cooktop, and a retractable kitchen sink with a cover that doubles as a cutting board. There is lots of “counter” space in the modules.The 30-piece kitchen set by Rivian is part of the Snow Peak package. Along with a coffee pot, it has pots, pans, and kitchenware. Titanium plates and standard dining utensils are also included in the bundle.The Camp Kitchen’s cabinets can accommodate the 30-piece kitchen set with no problems. A 110V outlet, a 12V outlet, and LED illumination are all included on the Gear Tunnel shuttle, which the modules also connect to.The Camp Kitchen x Snow Peak bundle is the ideal representation of the kinds of goods Rivian wants to provide in its Gear Shop. Rivian produces cars for outdoor excursions, giving it a unique potential to market products and accessories designed for camping and overlanding activities.


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