Four Rivian’s Spotted in Africa(KENYA)

Although Rivian has not yet formally increased the number of R1T electric pickup deliveries outside of the United States, some of these vehicles are already in Africa, and for good reason.With the first deliveries anticipated in Canada by the end of the year, Rivian is just now beginning to grow outside of the United States after a year of production.The sight of not one, but four Rivian R1T electric pickup trucks in the hills of Kenya, Africa, among giraffes and elephants, is unexpected in light of this.

A project called Forever received 1% of Rivian’s equity as a contribution. The charitable goal of Forever is to “address the climatic crisis facing our globe and conserve the vital biodiversity required for our planet’s long-term survival.”

The corporation participates in a variety of charitable endeavors through the program, such as the one that was just unveiled in collaboration with the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust (MWCT).The Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust (MWCT) and Rivian, a manufacturer of electric trucks, vans, and sport utility vehicles with a goal of preserving our world and the people who live on it, have announced a pilot initiative. In order to help with the management of MWCT’s protected landscape and community lands in South-Eastern Kenya, the cooperation brings R1T all-electric trucks to MWCT and the Maasai community as well as Rivian’s support.To carry out “vital conservation work in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way possible, including quiet anti-poaching patrols, zero tailpipe-emissions transport for Maasai firefighters, and critical on- and off-road ranger operations,” they already have four Rivian R1Ts operating in the Chyulu hills of Kenya.

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