Rivian Says It’s On Track To Produce 25,000 EVs This Year After Ramping Up Production By 67% In Q3

Rivian’s goal of building 25000 cars seemed to be a fantasy at the beginning of the year as they made just about 2500 cars. The slow takeoff, rivian said, was caused by supply chain issues that resulted from covid and the Ukraine war. Rivian just released its production numbers for the third quarter of 2022. Let’s take a look

According to Rivians quarterly report for vehicles produced, the automaker produced 7,363 electric vehicles during the third quarter of the year. That’s a 67% step-up from the prior three-month period and more than six times the number produced in the first quarter of 2022.

Rivians production numbers were  2,553 vehicles for the first quarter, 4,401 for the second quarter, and, as we have seen, 7,363 vehicles for the just-ended third quarter. That makes 14,317 vehicles produced by rivian in 2022. 

Rivian also commented on their overall goal of producing 25,000 vehicles, saying they are on track to get them made. 

Following that confirmation, That would mean rivian would have to make more than 10000 EVs for the fourth quarter. Looking at the progress rivian has made this year, it’s not an awfully long way to go. in fact, it seems very attainable, and Rivian may even surpass their expectations.

Rivian didn’t break down the production numbers for its three offerings. However, we assume that the R1T takes the giant cut of the production numbers, followed by the amazon delivery van lastly by the SUV.

As for deliveries, Rivian announced that they delivered 6,584 vehicles during the just-ended quarter.

Some customers who placed pre-orders nearly four years ago are still waiting for their electric trucks and SUVs. One said the company had just sent a notice telling him the order would now be filled in the spring.

This proves without a doubt what we discussed when we proposed that Rivian is better at manufacturing than Tesla. 

Production ramp-ups for start-up electric vehicle companies commonly take significant amounts of time. That has been true when no global shortage of semiconductors has hampered all car makers, not just companies producing electric vehicles. In 2017, Tesla took a full year to produce 20,000 of its then-new Model 3 vehicles compared to rivian, which is targeted to make 25000 vehicles.

Earlier this year, Rivian announced its intention to start a second shift at the normal plant and hire another 1,500 workers but cut 6 percent of its nonmanufacturing staff.

Originally, Rivian expected to build a total of 50,000 vehicles in 2022. The revised guidance in March led to doubt about the brand’s viability and long-term goals. Achieving such a boost in production, a new record for Rivian, is a positive sign for the automaker at this stage.

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