Rivian R1T Went 60 Miles Further Using These Tires According to Car and Driver’s Test

Because of range anxiety, many prospective EV owners are hesitant to make the switch. Many current EV owners suffer from it, being overly concerned with their battery life and driving range while looking for any little tip or trick that can keep them on the road for as long as possible. If you’re on the fence about buying a Rivian R1T, there’s a trick that can keep you on the road for sixty miles longer than advertised. Though automakers have been experimenting with electric vehicles for more than a century, viable mass-market EVs have only been available since the mid-1990s. Even with the Nissan Leaf’s relatively early success in 2011, Tesla’s massive popularity shattered the EV market wide open. With rising consumer awareness and sensitivity to climate change, as well as a shifting environmental regulatory landscape, EVs are more than just a foothold in the automotive market. They are the automotive industry’s future. Automobile manufacturers around the world have announced plans to electrify their fleets in the coming years. Some intend to replace up to half of their fleets with hybrids and EVs, while others intend to discontinue production of gas-powered vehicles entirely. And governments around the world are assisting in funding this transition by providing subsidies to both EV manufacturers and buyers. There are also funds set aside for companies building charging infrastructure across the United States and many other countries, particularly in underserved areas.

The transition to electric vehicles is not limited to consumer vehicles. Commercial fleet operators are also looking into electrification. Other vehicle manufacturers are also getting involved. Companies are testing electric planes, boats, motorcycles, and even surfboards, according to Electrek.

As manufacturers expand their electric vehicle production capacity and reduce their gas-powered vehicle operational capacity, the latter will become unprofitable. When the money is all in EVs, it will be increasingly difficult to find gas-powered vehicles. The state of national infrastructure is likely to be the most significant barrier to EV mass adoption. Range anxiety is a problem that affects both prospective and current EV owners. It refers to the fear that drivers will be stranded on the road if their EV’s battery dies. And it’s not an irrational fear. Charging stations are not yet as common as gas stations and are especially scarce in some areas of the country. Range anxiety is becoming increasingly unfounded for drivers in many urban areas, as cities have been quicker to establish charging stations than suburbs or rural areas. However, for those who live outside of cities or must travel long distances frequently, the lack of charging stations can be a significant impediment. There are now mobile charging stations as well as portable charging devices that drivers can use to avoid being stranded. However, there has been a lot of ink spilled in mainstream publications and on the internet about EVs with lower-than-expected driving range, drivers whose batteries die on the road, broken charging stations, and other related issues that leave drivers scrambling. Regardless of how many drivers have faced these challenges on a regular basis, these stories contribute to the perception that EVs are still not ready for primetime among the gas guzzler set.

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  2. Ev trucks and cars are a joke most power plants are 95 % use coal to make power…. why don’t ev,s charge them self while driving you can’t tell me they can’t do it so if we going give up fuel then get rid of all fossil fuel coal fired power plants all of I will tell you why they don’t charge them self while driving because we are stupid we are not asking the question why don’t they charge them self up stop the use of all fossil fuel or leave it alone people

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