Rivian Vans delivered over 430,000 Amazon packages.

Rivian has revealed that its Electric Delivery Van (EDV) pilot program successfully delivered over 430,000 packages for e-commerce giant Amazon. Rivian EDVs are currently in use in several US cities, including Seattle, Chicago, Nashville, Dallas, and San Diego. In its Q2 Shareholders Letter, the automaker made the following statement:

“A close development partnership with Amazon and its delivery drivers enabled us to optimize the EDV features and design for last mile delivery. This process included delivering more than 430,000 packages through multiple pilot deployments that began in early 2021 – these pilots enabled a rapid refinement of a range of features.”

Amazon owns a significant stake in Rivian and has placed an order for 100,000 EDVs. Rivian’s electric vans will undoubtedly play a key role in achieving Jeff Bezos’ company’s goal of being 100% carbon neutral by 2040.


The Rivian EDV is manufactured in Normal, Illinois, alongside the R1T pickup and R1S SUV. Amazon offers three models: the 500, 700, and 900. The EDV 500 has a storage capacity of 500 cubic feet, while the larger 700 has a capacity of 660 cubic feet. Both the EDV 500 and 700 have a range of 150 miles. The EDV 900 (due out in a few months) has 840 cubic feet of storage space, but its larger size limits its range to 120 miles. Roll-up rear doors are standard on all EDV models. Currently, only the EDV 700 is in use.  Most of you who order from Amazon should have surely seen some delivering your packages.

Akwo Stanislus
A passionate writer in Automobiles especially in the domain of EVs.

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