Rivian R1X 2024: Pushing the Off-Road EV Beyond Plaid 

What do a Jeep Wrangler, Land Rover Defender, and Porsche Cayenne Turbo sound like to you? And what if you add some of the Rivian R1secret T’s sauce? That’s exactly what the future Rivian R1X aspires to be, as depicted by our artist’s rendering above. According to our Rivian sources, the business is hard at work on a rally-inspired performance SUV that will be as capable off-road as a Wrangler or Defender and as speedy on pavement as a Cayenne Turbo. The R1X is expected to be a little shorter two-row SUV than the R1S it is based on, with spy pictures of a seating bench hinting at a fastback roofline. One of the reasons we chose the similar Rivian R1T as our 2022 Truck of the Year is its versatility.

Its amazing hydropneumatic suspension allows it to adapt from hard off-roading to hauling to carving up a good back road with ease. When it comes to do-it-all enthusiast SUVs, the R1X with a more overt performance bias has the potential to be a revelation.

The R1X will ride on a slightly reduced version of Rivian’s popular R1 platform, but it will have new motors and batteries. According to sources, the R1X will feature four of the new in-house motors that debuted in the two-motor R1S SUV and R1T truck. These new motors have carbon-sleeved rotors, which allow them to spin faster and provide more power. According to reports, the entire system output will be 1,200 hp and 1,200 lb-ft of torque. The quad-motor R1X will be powered by its own battery pack.


Date of expected sale: Q4 2023

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