The ‘Adventure Van’ is One of Rivian’s Future Plans.

During the peak of COVID, camper vans took over the internet for a moment. Everyone just decided, like a light switch, that they wanted a van to get away from everyone. Despite the tremendous camper growth, no carmaker has produced a production overland-ready van until now. Rivian hopes to make its Adventure Van off-road electric camper van available by 2025.

Rivian’s slogan is “Keep the world adventurous forever.” The electric vehicle company is sticking to its guns, promising the arrival of an electric off-road camper van by 2025.

The Rivian Adventure Van will be based on the Rivian R1T, according to MotorTrend. It will be an electric off-roader with ingenious amenities like Rivian’s camp kitchen. We believe it will also be able to change its seats into beds, allowing for days of off-the-grid living.

How much information do we have about the Rivian Adventure Van?

While details are few at the time, MT claims its source is keeping quiet because the procedure is still in its early stages. However, MT thinks that the Adventure Van will include several batteries and engine options, as well as the company’s unique hydropneumatic suspension.

If MotorTrend’s forecast regarding various powertrains is correct, we expect dual-and quad-motor powertrains to be available. This suggests that the new Rivian might have 1,200 horsepower and 1,200 lb-ft of torque, as well as Rivian’s 180-kWh Max battery pack.

DIY efforts and after-market constructions have historically dominated the overland camper marketplace. There are firms that outfit campers and offer them as regular models, but there are no OEM overland vehicles.

If Rivian can pull this off in a timely manner, it will be another first for the firm. The Rivian R1T was the first electric truck sold by an OEM. This would be the first OEM electric overland camper as well. Toyota used to sell Chinook campers and Chevy used to sell Blazer campers. The Rivian Adventure Van would be reminiscent of the days when you could buy a factory overland camper.


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