Rivian Releases New Software Updates: Version 1.5.0 Assign Keys to Friends and Family

Rivian releases an update to its app in response to increased demand and the need to remain one of the top leading EV companies. This new update is all about making things easier and more accessible for Rivian owners to ensure that there is a difference between owning a Rivian and getting any other EV. There’s also a new function for furry co-pilots. This new version is 1.5.0. These are minor steps being carried out by the Rivian company, but they give Rivian users the assurance that they are working to keep their clients satisfied and up to date with modern technologies. So far, this version 1.5.0 has just one drawback, which is that the app might not work on certain phones like the Pixel 6. It is yet promising that those are minute problems that should be adjusted within no time after seeing updates like:

Wall box is now referred to as Wall charger


Removal of the winch related UI components


New code relating to helping pairing of the bluetooth speaker


Some changes to the charging related code (Filter by networks/charging speed have been separated from the main view it looks like.


Some new Stripe framework stuff (Notable that Apple pay seems to have gotten included)


More new views(FAQ’s and User Profile):


Light and Dark mode (No mention of this in the release notes? Work in progress?)


Pet Mode Assets have been added into the app (These animate petModeGaryDark1.jpg through petModeGaryDark12.jpg Light and Dark mode versions in here.)


And the changelog for this update is:

  • Use the app to activate new key cards and key bands.
  • Assign keys to friends and family you’ve identified as drivers.
  • Use the new Pet Comfort function to keep your pets safe and comfortable;
  • Search the map and filter chargers by speed, network, and availability, and
  • Discover a new profile page that serves as a home for you and your preferences.
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