How Long Does It Take To Charge A Rivian?

Like other EVs, Rivian cars are not only prestigious but also environmentally friendly and cost-effective as they do not need gasoline. Because they do not utilize gas, the speed at which they can be charged is a crucial selling and buying point that cannot be ignored. How long does it take to charge a Rivian?

The charger type and voltage of the power outlet determine the time needed to charge a Rivian. The Rivian portable delivers 16 miles per hour, while the Rivian wall charger adds 25 miles per hour. The upcoming Rivian fast-charging stations will be capable of adding up to 140 miles in just 20 minutes of charging.

This article will shed light on the convenient and fast ways to get a Rivian charged. So, read on to find out.

How long does it take to charge a Rivian?

Rivian has made available several chargers for convenient charging at home, waypoints, and charging stations. It utilizes E2 chargers that are faster than E1 chargers and have remarkable warranties. These different chargers charge at different speeds, some faster than others. 

  • DC fast chargers

As of now, this is the fastest way to charge a Rivian R1T and R1S outdoor. Rivian Automotive, Inc. is building a “Rivian Adventure Network” exclusively for Rivian owners. This network is a nationwide network of DC fast chargers for R1T and R1S. 

These chargers will be capable of adding 140 miles of range in just 20 minutes. Besides the impressive rate of charge, this charger is quite advantageous in that it utilizes 100% renewable energy. Additionally, it has an output voltage of over 200 kW, which is expected to increase soon. 

Furthermore, it charges automatically once plugged in and is automatically controlled by the in-vehicle navigation. By the end of 2023, the Rivian adventure network is expected to consist of 3,500+ DC fast chargers at approximately 600 sites, with remote areas included. 

  • Rivian wall charger

This is the fastest and most convenient way to charge a Rivian R1S and R1T at home. The Rivian wall charger is capable of adding 25 miles of range in 60 minutes. 

The waterproof Rivian wall charger is convenient for indoor and outdoor use.

This charger is quite advantageous in that it is waterproof and so can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Additionally, it is compatible with other EVs using the J1772 plug and has a five-year warranty. 

Furthermore, with an output voltage of 11,5 kW, it is convenient to use for easy overnight charging. It also has Wi-Fi connectivity for OTA updates.

  • Rivian waypoints

As the name implies, the Rivian waypoint charger is suitable for outdoor charging in areas like restaurants, parks, shopping centers, and more. 

Rivian waypoint chargers

This waypoint charger is a Level 2 AC charger that is capable of adding 25 miles of range in 60 minutes. Like the Rivian wall charger, this charger automatically chargers the car with an output voltage of 11,5 kW once plugged in. Additionally, EVs that use a J1772 plug can use it for charging.

Rivian Automotive, Inc. intends to install at least 10,000 of these chargers across the US and Canada by 2023.

  • Rivian portable charger

This charger is quite convenient to use indoors and outdoors as long as a 240V or 120V outlet is available.

It delivers up to 16 miles of range per hour when plugged into a 240V outlet and fewer miles per hour when plugged into a 120V outlet. Besides being portable, it is also waterproof and maintenance-free.

Every Rivian R1S and R1T comes with a standard Rivian portable charger.

  • CCS networks

Rivian vehicles are compatible with an enormous number of DC fast chargers. This is because they come with standard CCS plugs for DC fast charging.

While waiting for the Rivian Adventure Network, Rivian cars can be conveniently charged with the CCS network using the Rivian app that authorizes and initiates the charge. The in-vehicle navigation will indicate the maximum charge rate.


How fast can you charge a Rivian?

This depends on the charger being used and the available voltage outlet. The Rivian waypoint or wall charger can fully charge an R1T or R1S overnight. DC fast chargers will take way less time than the Rivian portable chargers. 

Plugging the portable charger into the conventional 120V outlet found in most homes will slow charge the Rivian. A charger connected to a 240V outlet will charge at a faster pace.

What chargers can Rivian use?

Rivian cars can use the Rivian portable, wall, and waypoint chargers. They can also use DC fast chargers in the CCS network because they have standard CCS plugs.

Does Rivian have free charging?

Rivian Automotive, Inc. is in collaboration with Adopt A Charger to provide free charging Rivian waypoint chargers. Adopt A Charger is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization that promotes EV adoption by providing free charging. With this collaboration, Rivian will provide over a dozen free Waypoint chargers in some parks in California, namely Yosemite National Park and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Can you charge a Rivan truck at home?

You can charge a Rivian R1T at home. All you need is a Rivian portable or wall charger and a 120V or 240V outlet.

How do I charge my Rivian?

Most Rivian chargers are automatic. All you need to do is plug the charger into a 120V or 240V outlet and connect it to the vehicle. The in-vehicle navigation system will then regulate the charge.


The charger and voltage outlet are the primary determinants of the time needed to charge a Rivian R1S or R1T. A Rivian will charge faster with a 240V than a 120V outlet. 

The Rivian waypoints and wall chargers can fully charge a Rivian car overnight with an output voltage of 11,5 kW. They can also be used to charge other EVs that use a J1772 plug.

Non-Rivian chargers can be used to charge Rivian cars with the Rivian app authorizing and monitoring the charging. An example is the DC fast chargers of the CCS network. The Rivian R1T and R1S each have a standard CCS plug that makes them compatible with several DC fast chargers.

By 2023, Rivian Automotive, Inc. intends to have its own Rivian Adventure Network of over 3500 DC fast chargers in several locations across the US and Canada.

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