Can you charge a Rivian vehicle with a Tesla charger?

Part of what has made Tesla become very successful with its cars is its supercharger network. The supercharger network is an incredibly dense network of high-powered tesla chargers compared to any other charging network.

As of now, they only serve Tesla cars. However, Elon must is experimenting with opening the Tesla supercharger network to other car brands like Rivian.

In this article, we will take a look at the possibility of charging a Rivian R1T, the R1S, or the Amazon Delivery van using Tesla chargers. We are also going to look at Rivian’s own charger network while indicating similarities and differences between the Rivian charging network and Tesla. 

Can you charge a Rivian vehicle with a Tesla charger?

Yes. You can charge a Rivian using a Tesla charger by using a Tesla plug to J1772 plug adaptor. In addition, Tesla has not yet opened its charger network to other electric car brands in North America, but they are experimenting with the feature in Europe.

Tesla connector to J1772 connector

If you own a Rivian or any other electric car that isn’t a Tesla, you may one day need to use a Tesla charging station. Furthermore, seeing as Tesla plans to open up its charging stations to other EV brands will only make the process easier. In that instance, your electric vehicle will require a special cable adapter.

The Tesla to J1772 converter allows Tesla compatible chargers to be used with other electric vehicles.

Rivian owners can use Tesla charging stations everywhere using this adaptor.

Recommended Tesla to J1772 adapters to charge a Rivian with a Tesla charger

The Lectron Tesla to J1772 Adapter is about the best Tesla to J1772 adapter in the market. It has a maximum amperage and voltage delivery of 40A & 250V, respectively. It is compatible with Tesla High Powered Connector, Destination Charger, and Mobile Connector. It is available in White and Black.

charge Rivian with a Tesla charger

Can you charge a Rivian vehicle on a Tesla home charger?

Yes. You can charge a Rivian using a Tesla home charger by using a Tesla plug to J1772 plug adaptor. 

Rivian’s home charger

Rivian sells its R1T and R1S Electric adventure vehicles with an optional 11kW home charger. The charger takes roughly 9 hours to charge the vehicles with 314-mile capable battery pack fully.

Rivian has teamed with Electrify America to deliver Level 3 DC fast chargers for faster charging. These chargers take roughly 54 minutes to charge the R1T and 45 minutes to charge the R1S.

Rivian charging network vs. Tesla

Rivians charging network and the Tesla charging network both have many different similarities and differences.

Rivian is drawing its charging infrastructure roadmap from Tesla’s enormous experience in the sector. The Rivian charging network will be consists of a mix of destination chargers at places like hotels, restaurants, grocery shops, and popular camping grounds and parks. Its Superchargers will be placed in a location that favors road trippers more.

There are, however, a few major distinctions between the two.

Rivian’s chargers will be able to offer up to 200kW of electricity. However, The charging speed of Tesla Superchargers in North America will be increased to 324kW (from 250kW) later this year. Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, indicated in June 2021 that the Supercharging power output would be increased further, citing 280 kW, 300 kW, and 350 kW as examples.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, a Rivian vehicle can charge with a tesla charger using an adaptor. 

Home chargers for Tesla cars will also be able to charge a Rivian car using the same adaptor.

However, The best way to charge a Rivian is with Rivians own proprietary 11kW home chargers. A Level 3 DC fast charger from Electrify America will also be the best option for faster charging.

In contrast to Tesla’s supercharger network, Rivian’s network is open to all-electric vehicles. They have stated that they would not charge an additional fee for using their chargers.

This article has discussed whether you can charge a Rivian with a Tesla charger, at a Tesla station, or at home, as well as what charging stations Rivian use and the similarities and differences that exist between the Rivian charging network and Tesla supercharger network.

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Hanson is a lover of electric cars especially Rivian. He is a contributor for The Volter as well as other news hubs

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