Rivian’s Camp Kitchen Does Not Exist and Ocean Coast Interior Has Been Delayed

Rivian has delayed the Ocean Coast interior of its R1T electric adventure pickup truck. The delay was announced by preorder a holder who opted for the Ocean Coast interior but was unable to get it.

The news was posted on Rivian forums by user DannyC who recounted his experience with a Rivian guide when it came his turn to take delivery. The guide suggested without certainty that, the Ocean Coast interior may only be available in 6 months to a year.

DannyC also talked about other addons he added to his order which is not available as of now lie the camp Kitchen which “does not exist outside of a few test units”

DannyC made his preorder on November 27th of 2018 for both the R1T and the R1S SUV. A Rivian guide reached out to him specifically because he selected the Ocean Coast interior. They informed him he could not take delivery unless he changed to the Black Mountain. stating that it may be another 6 months to a year of waiting.

Danny C has been told to expect delivery on the 1st or 2nd week of April.

Outside a few demo units, the camp kitchen does not exist. The guide has never seen one in person. However, DannyC was promised a price lock for $5000 on it when they become available.

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