How long Does it Take to Charge a Rivian R1T

The Rivian R1T has brought a lot of excitement into the EV industry, it’s the only available electric pickup truck to buy right now. It competes with the Tesla Cybertruck, the hummer EV, and others which are still under development. Media outlets and YouTube channels have been excited to take the truck out and put it on its paces, to see how well it handles on the track and off-road. From what we have seen so far, it does not disappoint.

The Rivian R1T with the large battery pack which provides 314 miles of EPA-rated driving range will take approximately 41 minutes to charge from 20 to 80 % at an Electrify American charging station charging at about 151kw.

What is the Rivian R1T

The Rivian R1 vehicle targets the outdoorsy-lifestyle American. Its described as an electric adventure pickup truck.

It’s made to accommodate the needs of campers, with add-ons like the highly versatile gear tunnel which can be fitted with different aftermarket camping solutions.

These include Rivian’s camp kitchen, the rooftop camping tent, auto front trunk, and the tank turn are all available features or expected at some point to be available with a software update.

However, the truck is not just for visiting the outdoors, The Large battery pack offers up to 314 miles of EPA-rated driving range in the R1T and 316 miles in the R1S. That makes these vehicles a real contender for electric cars for road tripping.

The driving range capability of the Rivian R1T

Rivian demonstrated the ability of the R1T to make long road trips by crossing the trans-American trail a few months back.

Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman also journeyed through glorious landscapes across South and Central America on the backs of prototype electric Harley-Davidsons, and a couple of Rivian R1T prototypes in the third series of the epic motorcycle adventure saga the long way up.

The electric car charging experience

Worthy of note is the fact that the electric car experience is far different from a gas-powered car, yes the electric car doesn’t produce noise, nor gasoline fumes, but it takes way longer to fill up miles into the car than it is to add fuel into a gasoline car.

The Lucid air is an acclaimed fastest charging electric car, combining incredibly fast charging and extreme efficiency. The car is said to be able to add back over 300 miles of driving range in only 22 minutes, whereas a gas car takes just about 2 minutes to fill up with gas. It is to some an acceptable length of time but to others, it’s a real deal-breaker for getting an electric car.

Seeing that it’s electric, it needs to be charged from time to time throughout a road trip. The charging times will massively affect how good a road trip turns out. The charging and driving times have to be balanced to make for a nice road trip.

The rivian R1T charge Cycle

Today we will be looking at the Rivian R1T’s charge cycle to see how efficiently it charges. This will be with the help of a charging rate analysis graph from tfl trucks.

The R1S and R1T can use three charging methods: AC Level 1 charging at 120 V/12 A, AC Level 2 at 240 V/48 A, and DC Fast Charging at up to 200KW.

Many people, even experience electric road trippers start to get itchy when the car goes below 20 percent, especially with the electric vehicle infrastructure that is currently very small and sometimes unreliable. So people want a little bit of reserve in there just in case a charger is not working and they need to go down the road and find a different charger.

Considering a charging range from 20 to 80 percent makes the most sense and is closely similar to real-life situations

This Rivian charge Cycle analysis starts at 20 percent which you are not advised to get your ev that low because getting stranded isn’t fun. And going up to 80% because beyond that it charges at an incredibly slow rate which is not worth the wait.

Normally, one disadvantage the li-ion battery has is that its charging curve is not constant, it ranges. It starts off fast but from 80% state of charge to the 100% state of charge things slow down really quickly.

Power rating of the Rivian R1T

A typical Electrify America charger is rated up to 350 kilowatts, which is more than the Rivian R1T can accept. it’s rated at right around a 200-kilowatt peak and we’re going to see how the R1T behaves at such a charger.

The R1T starts off at a Hundred forty kilowatts and seven minutes left until eighty percent that. Is pessimistic because well, otherwise I’m going to be. For a shockingly long time. You know, ten or five percent were twenty which I think is a healthy buffer for most folks, that would probably make most folks feel comfortable with.

The charging port on the rivian is on the front right of the vehicle and it takes a ccs and a jp77 plug. When the car is plugged in it takes a few minutes to initiate the charge after which the ring light on the charge port turns green. It might one or two tries to get the handshake.

At one minute in the car takes in 140 kilowatts and shows 77 minutes left. That is a disappointing amount of time to get to 80% but seeing as the charge is still beginning, the car is taking a few minutes to actually determine the amount of power the car can take in. Also, the rivian has an enormous battery to be able to get it to 314 miles of range.

Somewhere around 135kwh the Rivian is seen to charge to 78% in 39 minutes, way off the electrified America estimate. That is 73kwhrs added. The station says 84kilowats the rest is lost to the inefficiency of charge.

Charging the Rivian R1T from 20% to 80%

Charging from 20 to 80% took 41 minutes. Plugged in at 20%, charging immediately jumped up to right around 140KW now which is below Rivians advertised peak charging speed of 200kw.
From the graph, between 21% and 40% state of charge, we see a very flat charging curve with a slight trend in the upward direction. At 40% charging speed increased to about 150 kilowatts attaining a peak charge rate of 151 kilowatts at 50%.

Factors that affect how fast a Rivian R1T can charge

Though the Rivian can take up to 200kw and the Electrify America can give out up to 350kw, the Rivian charging speed only went up to 151kw. This can be as a result of a few factors.
These could be

  • The outside temperature
  • Battery pack temperature
  • Availability of power at the charging station.

Between 50 and roughly 61%, we do see a fairly steady decay down to a charge rate of roughly 117 kilowatts and it remains there for the early 60% state of charge.

We see a big dip down to 51 kilowatts at 80%. Between 50% and 80% charging dropped from 151 to 51 and it was pretty rapid.

41 minutes from 20 to 80% may seem like a long time to charge the Rivian but we have to consider that it’s a large battery pack in there, somewhere around 135kwhr.


Now, knowing how long it takes to charge from 20 to 80%, does the Rivian R1T fit into the jacked of the perfect electric road trip vehicle, probably not but it’s not so bad to not make it a contender.

Thanks for reading till the end. if this article helped you, send us your thoughts and comments in the comment section below. Also, check out our youtube channel for more.

Hanson F.
Hanson is a lover of electric cars especially Rivian. He is a contributor for The Volter as well as other news hubs

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