Rivian Stakes Continue to Fall Following Amazon-Stellantis Deal

Stellantis declared that Amazon would give its cloud services and in-car dashboard software.
Rivian stock felt to more than 18% for the week, after plummeting 11% during Wednesday’s trading session, and is about 53% off its high on Nov. 16. If it holds until markets close, the million is set to cut more than $5 billion from Rivian’s market cap, sending it to about $75.5 billion.

Other elements are affecting the share price, still, investors are fluctuating out of tech stocks that have distant profit expectations. EV stocks are among a group of companies with high valuations and unpredictable fit aspects of profitability, making them riskier bets as interest rates rise. Investors are ditching those one-time dealings and moving into more reliable companies with increasing profits.

Stellanris, once known as Fiat Chrysler, also declared that Amazon would be the first commercial customer of its Ram ProMaster battery-electric vehicle.

Rivian, an electric vehicle company financed by Amazon, debuted on the Nasdaq just two months ago. Rivian had named Amazon its a choice cloud provider and is contracted to make 100,000 vehicles for the company by 2030.

An Amazon spokesperson repeated the company’s backing for Rivian in an announcement to CNBC on Wednesday.” We always knew that our driving sustainability goals in our last mile operations would require multiple electric delivery van providers,” the spokesperson said in a statement. “We continue to be excited about our relationship with Rivian, and this doesn’t change anything about our investment, collaboration, or order size and timing.”

“This is good news for the industry, for Rivian and on,” a Rivian spokesperson said in an announcement made on Wednesday. “Large fleets focused on electrification and carbon neutrality represent a win for the mission of both companies. Amazon’s scale is globally remarkable, and we anticipate them to porches vehicles from many providers- our cooperation with them is unchanged, and thriving”

Shella Lum
Lum Shella is an author for thevolter.com. She mainly covers electric vehicles and renewable energy.

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