Why are some customers not impressed with Rivian’s R1S SUVs deliveries?

The E.V. maker has already made deliveries of its R1S SUVs though many people aren’t impressed because they were not just to any customers. 

Rivian, in many ways, does not want to be like Tesla. It’s already doing a good job of it, as the E.V. startup has begun delivering its electric truck while the Cybertruck is still missing. In terms of delays, while Tesla has been known to overpromise and underdeliver, Rivian appears to be committed to keeping its promises after a few hiccups; last week, the sales reached its goal of delivering its second model, the R1S SUV, by the end of the year.

However, a close inspection of the fine print reveals that Rivian is experiencing some of those same issues that have plagued other electric vehicle startups.

For a thing, the two official R1S deliveries they made were not to ordinary customers. They went to R.J. Scaringe, CEO, and Claire McDonough, CFO. Because no other deliveries have been announced, it appears that the company was determined to be able to say they started producing the SUV in 2021, even if this in-house delivery isn’t what most people would consider crossing that finish line. According to the company’s Twitter account, they will be “ramping production over the next few months on [the] way to full volume production.”

Here is a tweet from Rivian “We made our first R1S deliveries last week from our factory in Normal, IL to R.J. and our CFO Claire. We’re working towards ramping production over the next few months on our way to full volume production. Thanks to our team for all the hard work to make it happen!” 

However, it appears that Rivian needed some good news to compensate for a disappointing end to 2021. While it made a splash on the stock market in November, things have calmed down since the launch of its first earnings report as a public company. According to Bloomberg, Rivian will fall “a few hundred vehicles short” of its goal of producing 1,200 vehicles this year.

That’s not to say it’s all doom and gloom for the E.V. maker as the year 2022 approaches. According to Bloomberg, the company intends to open a new factory in Georgia, which would significantly increase production capacity (right now, they have one factory in Normal, IL). Moreover, the company’s first “revenue-generating” delivery vans for Amazon are expected to be delivered this month.


Brandy Fietsop
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