Detailed analyses of Rivian R1T’s build  quality by car expert

Rivian’s first crack at a production vehicle is quite spectacular, with the R1T electric pickup truck garnering numerous honors after its market debut in the autumn of 2021, including the coveted MotorTrend truck of the year award.

The Rivian R1T is a fully premium electric vehicle with a starting price of $67,500. Customer expectations are fairly high at this pricing, as seen by critiques of the quality of Tesla’s electric vehicles, particularly those made in the Fremont Factory. While panel gaps and flaws are frequent in vehicles from veteran automakers like Ford and McLaren, novices to the production vehicle game like Rivian are expected to deliver vehicles as flawlessly as feasible.

Well, a Rivian R1T was dropped off at Chicago Auto Pros for ceramic coating, paint protection film, and window tint, and Jason Otterness decided to evaluate the vehicle’s build quality.

A walk around the production Rivian R1T revealed that the vehicle was well-made. However, the driver’s door did not rest flush with the rear passenger door when closed. A similar problem was discovered around the bottom of the driver’s door, joining the front fender plastic trim. The gaps on the charging port door were also crooked, and the vehicle’s wheels had minor imperfections from what seemed to be machine sanding.

According to Chicago Auto Pros, the interior is the best component of the truck. The quality of the production R1T, on the other hand, was exceptional, as was the interior of the all-electric pickup truck. The details experts were blown away by the interior design, build quality, and materials of the Rivian R1T. There were no issues with the cabin, which is unusual for a brand’s first production vehicle. The detailers were so thrilled that they said the interior was the greatest feature of the production Rivian R1T.

Rivian is betting a lot on the R1T and its SUV sibling, the R1S. If the vehicles remain viable, the electric truck manufacturer might achieve heights equal to fellow pure EV company Tesla. However, if the R1T and R1S fail to conform to their potential, Rivian may find himself scaling an extra steep mountain merely to endure the trials of the automotive industry.

Brandy Fietsop
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