Amazon Warehouse Near Ann Arbor Organised as Center for Caravan of Delivery Vans

Amazon delivery vans, a now-ubiquitous feature of neighbourhoods across the Ann Arbor area, may shortly have a new hub for collecting packets from the online retail giant and taking them out to doorsteps.

Final site projects for a closely 143,000-square-foot last-mile delivery depot received an essential seal of authorization from Pittsfield Township’s Planning Commission on Dec. 9, giving way for the proposed hulking tangible building encompassed by more than 1,000 parking spaces at 4700 Carpenter Road.
Items will move swiftly through the facility, arriving overnight in semi-trucks from even larger

warehouses before quickly being sorted and loaded into delivery vans intended to leave the complex at off-peak hours, according to Christopher Silis, a senior program manager for real estate at Amazon who addressed township planners.

Seefried Properties, the developer headquarters in Atlanta behind the programs and a regular Amazon partner, expects the warehouse and encircling parking to cost $10 million, according to planning documents. They’ve dubbed the development Project Pace.

The distribution centre, on approximately 60 vacant acres just south of the U.S. 23 and I-94 switch zones as industrial, has some neighbours warily scrutinizing the vehicle flows in and out of the structure, especially the likely use of Cloverlane Drive as a cut-through by employees.

Developers responded by implementing a curb cut that will compel employees leaving from the parking area along Carpenter Road to turn left or right at the signal, instead of continuing across the intersection onto Cloverlane, which runs through Arbor Ridge and other housing developments

officeholder also drilled their permission of the plans on Amazon training employees and enforcing other rules to make sure they aren’t entering the structure through the residential area.
“What are the paths you hold them accountable?” asked resident, Kyle Walton, repeating problems put up by others in the neighbourhood

The township will work with Amazon and inhabitants if interests arise when the warehouse is built, pledged township planning consultant Ben Carlisle, giving the example of officials’ intervention with an available FedEx facility some years ago that he said ensued grievances.

“The applicant wants to be a good corporate citizen as well,” he said.
The growth will bring a new traffic signal on Carpenter south of Cloverlane, where delivery vans will leave the Amazon building across from an access point to another suggested housing development.

That light will only be initiated when a van rolls up to the roadway, said Doug Houser, a development manager with Seefried Properties, who promised traffic would be “sporadic.” The vans will leave in a shift in the mid to late morning and return in the evening, he said, adding “it won’t be all day long.”

The depot will be dwelling to a sizeable fleet of delivery vehicles, with plans calling for 543 van parking spaces and another 200 spots for drivers, according to an exposition by Houser. Another 249 spots will be reserved for workers inside the warehouse.

There, most shifts will start at 2 a.m., 6 a.m., and 1:30 p.m., said Silis, the Amazon worker. “I don’t think they’ll be any overlap with schools getting out,” he added.

The proposals, which got initialroval on Sept. 2, were revised through the planning function to keep the trucks concealed behind the building along U.S. 23 and enhance the preservation of trees and wetlands, according to Carlisle.

The warehouse will also serve as a base for “Amazon Flex,” a program authorizing 60 non-employees to use their vehicles to transmit packages, Carlisle said.

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