Rivian Required to Choose Georgia Over Texas to Build First Electric Vehicle Plant

Electric vehicle industry Rivian is needed to announce Thursday that it will put a vehicle and battery production plant in Georgia after a nationwide site selection process that included Texas and Arizona.

The electric vehicle startup specialized in trucks will build its second production center near Rutledge, about an hour’s drive east of Atlanta, according to the AJC, quoting senior government officials familiar with the issue.Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and officials from Rivian will hold a combined event on Thursday to set the plans.

An area just outside Fort Worth and another in central Arizona were reportedly under deliberation by Rivian as well. The Fort Worth City Council endorsed a $440 million tax inducement package early this year strived at attracting Rivian to North Texas.

City administrators informed The Dallas Morning News last month that the suggestion process for the Rivian plant was on hold until the city heard from Rivian.

No consensus between Rivian and local governments in Georgia regarding the plant has been endorsed yet.

In mid-November, Rivian was reportedly in a late-stage discussions with Georgia administrators for the company’s second production plant.

Meanwhile, Rivian is investing millions to erect service centres and electric charging stations across the state of Texas.

Samsung, Tesla and Texas Instruments have just announced huge corporate investments in the Lone Star State, but southeastern states are increasingly offering competitive plans for new investments.

Plano-based Toyota North America declared last week that it would build a $1.29 billion electric vehicle battery plant in North Carolina.

Shella Lum
Lum Shella is an author for thevolter.com. She mainly covers electric vehicles and renewable energy.

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