Rivian Will Commence Deliveries of its R1S SUV in January

Emergent automaker Rivian, which you may have understood of prepared quite a splash on access into the stock demand lately, is slated to start deliveries of its R1S SUV at the turn of 2022. Yet, reports came out on Wednesday that those deliveries would be discontinued until May to July.

Those announcements hinted that the manufacturer had begun to inform people who had reserved the all-electric utility model, the second vehicle created by Rivian after the R1T pickup.

This news sent Rivian’s stock down 4.2% midweek and it shut down on Wednesday at $114.85. On Friday afternoon, it stood at $112.13.
Rivian did not instantly comment on the news. Since then, regardless, it petitioned that the Green Car Reports website make a small correction in its news.

The model, which is intended to go into production in December, will indeed be delivered to consumers beginning in January 2022. Only a few clients are implicated by this delay.

This is soothing for investors who have just turned massively to this new company, carrying its market value to some $100 billion. Rivian plans to build a second plant in the U.S. and open others in Europe and China. It’s not recognized where or when the second U.S. facility will be built, however.

Earlier this year, It was reported that the company had reserved a dozen names for feasible use on future vehicles, so there’s no scepticism about its goals. It continues to be seen if those goals will become fact, but the next year will go some ways to deciding the matter. If the R1T pickup and R1S SUV do satisfactorily, who understands what the limits are? Just ask Tesla.

Shella Lum
Lum Shella is an author for thevolter.com. She mainly covers electric vehicles and renewable energy.

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