Rivian Receives Building Permits to construct charging stations


River City Construction, a construction company specialized in power line and telecommunication line construction has been issued a permit as of April 27 on behalf of Rivian automotive. The permit is for a $2,752,248 outbound charging station at Rivian Automotive, 100 N. Rivian Motorway.

This permit is for one charging station inside the production facility because the vehicles need to be charged before delivery, not for a charging network per se.

This means Rivian is already taking steps to start construction of its own charger network which has been part of the company’s plans for a while. It only makes sense to start building charger stations now since just about two months is left for deliveries to start.

Rivian’s charger network dubbed the Rivian Adventure Network, promises an ambitious, 600 super-charging stations offering 3,500 chargers by 2023 on routes across the United States and Canada. The chargers will be exclusive to Rivian owners, though a secondary, so-called Waypoint network of 10,000, 240-volt chargers will be open to the public at hotels and other businesses.

Rivian says that details on pricing will be released for customers soon. Third-party charging companies typically have subscription plans with some automakers covering their costs for first-time EV buyers. Tesla rolled out its service free to Model S owners in 2012 but has since begun charging as more vehicles like the hot-selling Model 3 sedan have come to market.

Each Rivian charging station will operate six chargers on average at speeds starting at 200 kW (with planned 300 kW). Rivian also plans to install charging stations at favorite camp locations and popular trails where uses can use to charge up their cars during long stays in these remote areas. This approach fits perfectly with the whole theme of Rivian vehicles, Adventure.

Alongside the Rivian charging stations, building permits were also another permit issued to P.J. Hoerr as of April 27 also for a $587,000 occupational health clinic at Rivian Automotive, 100 N. Rivian Motorway. This is most likely an infirmary structure for employees that would be ready to handle any health issues at Rivian manufacturing premises.

We are looking forward to seeing the first Rivian charging stations in action and the design cues Rivian will use for these structures.

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  1. The permit has nothing to do with building the Rivian Adventure Network, this is for charging equipment inside the production facility, on the “outbound” assembly lines!

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