Rivian Answers Questions About Production and Delivery of its Vehicles

Someone in the Rivian Automotive Fans FB group managed to get an audience (phone? video call?) with a volunteer proto-Guide to get answers to questions submitted from group members.

The individual with the username “HEAD CRUSTORIAN” on the site crusticamerica.com posted his notes of the call on the website.

It should be noted that these are not official Rivian responses to the questions posed. They are notes from a conversation with a soon-to-be Rivian guide who as one should have more in-depth knowledge about Rivian services, timelines, and expectations. So do not make decisions based on these responses. It’s for entertainment use only.

Here is a rundown of the conversation with a selection of some questions asked and the responses that were given.

Regarding the date for final payment arrangements to lock in a preorder, the Rivian guide insinuated that financing will be integrated into the Rivian online portal. Rivian guides will walk through customers’ build with them and answer questions, guiding them on how to apply for or provide financing/payment to lock in the order as well as the drop-dead date to be approved for financing.

Rivian will not support Apple car play or Android auto. The guide said Rivian believes in a more integrated system that it has developed in-house.

The larger battery pack for the R1T is expected to begin delivery in January of 2022.

Q. When will we be able to see actual colors of exterior and interior in person and test drive the vehicles? Will this be prior to locking in and making payment arrangements? How will this be handled and will it need to be at a Rivian experience center?

A. They are working on creating a test drive program so that pre-order holders can see and test drive vehicles. They are contemplating doing staged events in certain parts of the country (still up in the air depending on COVID restrictions and locations). Priority will be to the pre-order customers first before the general public. These will happen before the showrooms will be available.

Q. How does pre-order holder find out their real place in line knowing that their true delivery timeline will be a combination of place in line with color, options, production schedule, and delivery location.

A. 2018 pre-orders are at the top of the list, options will be able to be changed if there are certain options that may hold up a delivery date (sooner or later).

But, if you are #1 and your neighbor orders the same exact vehicle and is #15, you should get your vehicle before your neighbor. (Easiest example as takes options, location, and other items out of the “formula.”)

Q. How close to the estimated range of 300+ miles is the mid-range battery pack for the R1T?

A. EPA Certification is still in progress. They have to take into account all tire and battery options with the vehicles for certification.

Check out the full PDF document here. There are more questions about Rivian’s Driver+ feature, front winch availability, the 180-degree tailgate, the glass roof, etc.

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